85 dangerous apps from android play store google remove

85 dangerous apps: Google has recently removed 85 dangerous apps from the Play Store, which keeps track of your information if it’s on the phone. Although these apps have been removed from Google’s Play Store immediately, however, this app has been downloaded greatly and is being used.


If you have download any such apps in your smartphone, then delete it. The 85 apps that were deleted have a virus. This is an app that keeps the phone in full swing by showing full-screen edits and keeping track of your phone’s on calling function. According to media reports, these apps make you spy.


Happens in this way

Once you download these apps from the phone, you start using it to show a full-screen pop-up ad. This ad shows you until you press the back button to stop it. Meanwhile, some different URLs are opened manually, then when you stop using this app, this app continues in the background and pops up in about half an hour. This app, which continues in the background, monitors all the functions of your phone and stole the data very easily.

This is all the list of apps

1, TV Remote, 2, SPORT TV, 2, Offroad Extreme, 3, Remote Control, 4, Moto Racing, 5, A/C Remote, 6, Prado Parking Simulator 3D, 7, TV WORLD, 8,City Extremepolis 100, 9, American Muscle Car, 10, Idle Drift, 11, Brasil TV, 12, Nigeria TV, 13, WORLD TV, 14, Drift Car Racing Driving, 15, BRASIL TV, 16, Golden, 17, Bus Driver, 18, Trump Stickers, 19, Love Stickers,20, TV EN ESPAÑOL 21, Christmas Stickers 22, Parking Game 23, TV EN ESPANOL, 24, TV IN SPANISH, 25 TV IN ENGLISH, 26 -Racing in Car 3D Game, 27-Mustang Monster 28-TDT España, 29-Brasil TV, 30-Challenge Car 31 Stunts Game, 32 -Prado Car, 33 -UK TV, 34 -POLSKA TV, 35 -Universal TV Remote, 36 -Bus Simulator Pro, 37-Photo Editor Collage 1,38-Canais de TV 39- do Brasil, 40-Prado Car 10, 41 -Spanish TV 42-Kisses, 43-Prado Parking City, 44-SPORT TV, 45-Pirate Story, 46-Extreme Trucks, 47-TV SPANISH, 48-Canada TV Channels 1, 49-Prado Parking, 50-3D Racing, 51 -TV, 52 -USA TV 50,000, 53 -GA Player, 54 -Real Drone Simulator, 55, -Garage Door, 56-Remote, 57 -Racing Car 3D 58-TV, 59-TV Colombia, 60,-Racing Car 3D Game, 61-World Tv, 62-FRANCE TV, 63-Hearts, 64-PORTUGAL TV,65-SPORT TV 1, 66-SOUTH AFRICA TV, 67-3d Monster Truck, 68-ITALIA TV, 69-Vietnam TV, 70 -Movies Stickers, 71-Police Chase, 72-South Africa TV, 73-TV of the World, 74 -WORLD TV, 75- -ESPAÑA TV, 76 -TV IN ENGLISH, 77 -TV World Channel, 78 -Televisão do Brasil, 80-CHILE TV, 81 Truck Stunts,

All these apps have been termed as dangerous by Google and have been removed from the Play Store.

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