Australian Family Shocked To Find Huge Snake Inside Their Toilet

Watch: Australian Family Shocked To Find Huge Snake Inside Their Toilet

The snake was a common tree snake.

It would be frightening to discover a snake in your bathroom, but for an Australian guy in Hervey Bay, Queensland, this dread came true. The shocked man was trapped in the unusual situation and immediately called snake catchers as he found a 4-foot snake in the toilet.

According to Newsweek, snake-catcher Katie Airey of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers was called to the scene. “They went to use the bathroom and found it when they lifted the toilet seat,” her husband, Drew Godfrey, who is also with Hervey Bay Snake Catchers, said. “I’d assume they were quite surprised.”

Fortunately, the snake was a common tree snake, Dendrelaphis punctulata, a species that is harmless to people and is not poisonous.

“They are very inquisitive and friendly towards people,” Godfrey said.

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In Australia, snakes sometimes slither into suburban backyards and homes. When the weather gets warm, they lounge in the sun. When it gets hot, people seek out cool places, such as a wall crevice, under a refrigerator, under a grill, or behind an air conditioner. When it gets too hot and dry, they seek places with moisture, as some Australians are quickly learning.

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