Baratis fall on groom and bride following a fight amid rituals; watch

A video has surfaced on social media showing a wedding ritual turning into a ‘fight’. The fight-like situation broke out among the guests while the camera was recording a special moment at the wedding. The video was shared by an Instagram user ‘neptiktok’ and it has over 7.1 million views on the internet so far.

The viral clip shows the bride and the groom sitting on the mandap while a ritual is being performed. It can be seen in the video that two persons are standing next to the bride and the groom, and are holding a white sheet and pouring rice on it. 

Meanwhile, they toss this sheet upwards three times. As soon as the rice is tossed in the air for the third time, that sheet is pulled towards itself from both sides, but one person then falls on the bride and the groom along with the sheet. Soon, others also join them and try to pull the cloth towards each other.

The video shows how a ritual turned the mandap into a battlefield. The fight spiralled out of control with some of the guests being seen trying to bring the fight to an end but in vain. 

The video has received a number of interesting and funny comments on the photo-sharing app. One user said, “Who are these people and where do they come from.”

Another user commented, “When frontbencher invites back benchers.” The third user wrote, “e kya pagalpanti hai koi batao.”

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