Channel Selector Application by TRAI

Channel Selector Application – With TRAI’s New Regulation for the Television and Broadcasting Sector having come into force, Consumers have the freedom to select Television (TV) Channels they want to watch. This Application will help you optimize the selection of your choice and also inform you about the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) of your selection. However, for exercising the choice of your favorite channels, kindly visit the website of your TV service provider or get in touch with your cable operator.

Channel Selector Application by TRAI

Your payment to the Service Provider has two components. The first one is called the Network Capacity Fee (NCF). It is like a rental charge of the TV connected to your home. The other is the price of any pay channels that you select.

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The MRP of NCF as prescribed is maximum Rs. 130 per month. This rental includes the carriage of 100 TV channels. You can select any FTA channel, pay channel, or a bouquet(s) of pay channel as per your choice.

If you want to increase the capacity (because you want to watch more than 100 channels), you can do so by paying an additional amount of Rs. 20 for 25 additional channels capacity or a part thereof. As an example, suppose you want to watch 110 channels, you may be charged an amount not exceeding Rs 150 (Rs 130 + Rs 20)per month. If you want to watch 150 channels, you pay another 20 rupees for the slab 125-150 channels.

TV Channels come in two flavors from the price point. Some are free and others are paid channels. The MRP of paid channels is shown in rupees per month.No money’s paid for free to Air (FTA) channels which are 534 in number at present.

As you select the channels, the MRP will continue to be updated in the Top-bar. If you select a free channel and the inclusion of this channel does not affect your NCF, then the value will not change. However, if you add a pay channel without changing the NCF slab, then the value will increase by the price of the additional channel you chose.

You can select or deselect channels as per your wish. This is similar to a shopping cart in your online shopping experience. After selecting all channels of your choice (FTA, A-La-carte pay channels, Bouquets of pay channels), view your selected channels by pressing the tab “view your selection”.

Finally, the Application attempts to optimize your bill by checking if there are bouquets on offer which will reduce your total monthly bill without reducing the channels you have selected. Provision has also been made to download or take the print out of your channel selection along with an optimized price of TV selection.

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