Crocodile returns body of drowned child in Indonesia: Watch

Crocodile returns body of a child who was reportedly drowned in a River in Indonesia recently. It was very tough for the rescue team to fish out body of the child from the water as the River is crocodile infested. Yet, a large crocodile brought back the body. The video has gone viral on internet.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda took to Twitter on January 24 to share the said video where it was seen that a large crocodile almost returned body of the dead child. Nanda, who is very popular on Twitter for his unique posts, captioned the clip – “Strange but true…A huge crocodile appears with the body of a drowned child on its back & hands it over. The family had failed to find it from a the crocodile infested river in Indonesia. VC:Gulf Today.” The post has so far earned more than 2600 likes, 703 retweets and 66 quote tweets.

We can see in the said video that a large crocodile apparently carries a body on its shoulder to swim near a rescue boat to handover a body. Then, two rescue persons fish out the body from the water and put it gently on their boat.

As per the post of Nanda, the River is crocodile infested for which the family had failed to find it from the River.

Another strange thing was the body was unharmed though the River was filled with the predators and one of them volunteered to return the same.

Netizens are astonished to see the noble and humane behaviour of the predator that like a responsible citizen helped out the beavered family to get back body of their child which was nearly impossible as the River was crocodile infested.

A number of Twitter users conveyed their astonishment commenting ‘Unbelievable’ while many others replied ‘Amazing.’

Besides, a user wrote, “Wow! Who would have imagined! Sad for child and family, though.”

And another user wanted to give the credit to God and commented, “Prabhu ka chamatkaar Ya swayam prabhu is roop mai.”

“Wow!! Very touching too,” another user wrote while a twitter user commented, “OMG, it looks like a diver bringing & handing over it…”

“OMG. it seems God Himself comes for the rescue. Unbelievable,” commented another user.

Watch the video here:

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