Make your wishing photo a Whatsapp sticker

To create your own name or photo sticker on WhatsApp, you have to install 2 background apps for Background Eraser and Personal stickers for WhatsApp. Android users can install these apps free from the Play Store.

Make your wishing photo a whatsApp sticker

With this app, you can clear the background of any photo. With Photo Crop in the App, it also has an option to erase it. A photo background can be easily erased by using the Otto, Manual, Magic, repair tool. Save it after photo erase

With that, keep in mind that if the background of the photo is not being deleted on the App, then it is possible to erase the photoshop on the computer and using the software. Then save the photo to PNG format. In this way, you can prepare at least 3 stickers with a photo or name. This photo will work the only sticker.

If you open this app, then every file saved in the PNG format will be seen here. You will also see a photo made by you here. You just have to tap on ADD against this photo. Then there will be a mini window in front of you once again to ADD. This type of sticker made by you will reach WhatsApp.

Sticker Sanding Process on Whatsapp

  • Open WhatsApp, go to the contact which has to stick the sticker.
  • Now tab on the smiley given to the typing space.
  • At the bottom, there will be a GIF and sticker logo with smilies.

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