Man takes his mother, who had never been abroad, to Singapore. LinkedIn post wins hearts

It is a dream for a lot of people to take their parents along with them when they travel to a foreign country as they never had such an opportunity to explore the world. In a heartfelt post, a man shared on LinkedIn how he took his mother, who had never even travelled outside her village much, to Singapore.

The man named Dattatray J, a blockchain developer who works in Singapore according to his LinkedIn profile, shared photos along with his mother, clad in a yellow saree, from the trip. He wrote that he got his mother to Singapore to show her this beautiful part of the world and showed her his office and city.

He shared that his mother had spent her whole life in a village and had not even seen an airplane from a close range. She became the first woman from her generation to travel abroad and the second woman from his village, the first one being his wife. “A pretty special moment for me and family,” he wrote further.

Dattatray wished that his father was around as well to experience this. He also advised others who are planning to travel abroad to take their parents along and said “their happiness cannot be measured”.

Shared five days ago, the post has received more than 3.37 lakh likes.

“I relate this so well, as I did the same. When I brought my parents to singapore, and later Europe over 10 years ago they were the 1st ones in the village who went abroad. I had the illusion of dreaming when I had my parents sit in the car from airport in singapore, and all people in the region of my hometown couldn’t believe my parents went to another country, and then later a few more others, as people of the whole village had never ever taken a flight before by that time. I’m so grateful myself for seeing such a beautiful story- our parents gave us the best they could and what we can give back to them is beyond their expectation. Thank you for sharing the amazingness of life,” a user commented, recalling her experience. “Respect,” said another.

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