Man’s Post On Taking Mother To Singapore Wins Internet. Here’s Why

Man's Post On Taking Mother To Singapore Wins Internet. Here's Why

Mr Dattatray’s post has accumulated more than 333,000 likes and over 7,000 comments.

In a heartwarming LinkedIn post, a man recently shared how he took his mother, who had never travelled outside her village, to Singapore. The man, Dattatray J, works as a blockchain developer in Singapore. A few days back he shared two images along with his mother and wrote that he got her to the Southeast Asian country to show her the “beautiful” part of the world and his office in the city. 

“Yesterday I could get my mom here in Singapore to show her this beautiful part of the world, and right today I have decided to take her to show my office & city area. It’s hard to express the emotions and happiness that she is feeling through,” Mr Dattatray wrote in the caption of his post. “Imagine, the lady that has spent her whole life in the village and did not even see the airplane from a close angle,” he added. 

Mr Dattatray revealed that his mother became the first woman from her generation to travel abroad and the second woman from his village, the first one being his wife. “A pretty special moment for me and family,” he said. 

Mr Dattatray also said that he wished that his father was around as well to experience the beautiful part of the world. He urged others who are planning to travel abroad to take their parents along as well. “Their happiness cannot be measured,” he said. “I planned to bring my mom even before my travel to Singapore, this was there in my goal even before I travelled,” he added. 

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Mr Dattatray shared the post five days ago. In the comment section, while some LinkedIn users praised Mr Dattatray, others said that they relate to his post. 

“…Your appreciation for the opportunity to bring your mom on this trip is admirable, and it’s clear that her happiness and enjoyment is of the utmost importance to you. The fact that you planned to bring your mom even before your travel to Singapore shows your dedication and thoughtfulness in making this happen,” wrote one user. “This is a great… The Best A Son can do for his mom. May God Bless You..!!” said another. 

A third user commented, “It gave me great pleasure also to show my mother around the US during her first such trip …and subsequently again and again. again and again …..out of a sense of deep gratitude.” 

“I relate this so well, as I did the same. When I brought my parents to singapore, and later Europe over 10 years ago they were the 1st ones in the village who went abroad. I had the illusion of dreaming when I had my parents sit in the car from airport in singapore, and all people in the region of my hometown couldn’t believe my parents went to another country, and then later a few more others, as people of the whole village had never ever taken a flight before by that time,” added fourth. 

Mr Dattatray’s post has accumulated more than 333,000 likes and over 7,000 comments. 

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