Rakhi Sawant makes serious allegations against husband Adil Khan Durrani: Mujhe fridge mein nahi jaana hai

She said, “Adil made me remain silent about our marriage for 8 months because of his affair. He says, ‘Tum meri bhagwan ho, khuda ho, Allah ke baad tum ho.’ Nahi. Don’t compare me to them, I am made of dust will be reduced to it after I die. Mujhe biwi banna hai, bachon ki maa banna hai, mein ek insaan banna chahti hun. I want to say that I won’t share anything yet. I was silent till now. He denied our marriage because of that girl. Then later because of fans and media he got scared and accepted our marriage. I don’t want to become a stair for others. So don’t use me to move ahead in life.”

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