Read deleted messages on WhatsApp, Learn Process

Read deleted messages on WhatsApp, Learn Process

WhatsApp has become the easiest medium for messaging nowadays. Users can easily be in touch with their friends and family members and share photos and videos with them. You can also know some hidden features when using WhatsApp to make fun of fun double fun. Today we are going to show you a trick that will allow you to read messages deleted on WhatsApp. Here’s a trick …
If you want to read the messages sent on WhatsApp, you first have to have internet connectivity on the phone. With this, your smartphone should be of the variant above the Android KitKat.

To read a deleted message on WhatsApp, you must first download the Notification History app. After downloading, let’s notify the notification and administrator access in this app.

After downloading and installing this app, this app will start recording your Notification History. After a while, open this app and click on the WhatsApp icon.

After opening the WhatsApp icon on the Notification History app, search the contact for it, which you want to read the deleted message. You can read the deleted message only after selecting it on the contact.

This app can be read on the deleted message of WhatsApp, but there are some limitations of the API. The initial 100 characters of this message are recorded and the recorded message can be deleted if the phone is restarted.

Another way to read deleted messages or chat:

This way can prove to be useful for Sander. For this, you need to turn on the chat backup of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is processing a back break at night. So this time all the chat will save you in Google Drive along with local memory as well.

If you mistake chat or delete the message, then you can restore the chat from the chat storage option.

Uninstall WhatsApp on your phone first. To refresh WhatsApp, you have to enter your mobile number.

After OTP and Passcode, you can use two-factor authentication

Read deleted messages on WhatsApp, Learn Process

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