Singapore Man Sues Woman For $3 Million For Being ‘Friend-Zoned’

Singapore Man Sues Woman For $3 Million For Being 'Friend-Zoned'

The two first met in 2016 and became friends over time. (Representative Image: Pexels)

A man from Singapore has sued his love interest for not reciprocating his feelings, reported Strait Times. The man named K. Kawshigan is seeking $3 Million (Rs 24 crore) from Nora Tan for ’emotional trauma’ after he found out that she saw him only as a friend.

The two first met in 2016 and became friends over time. However, Mr Kawshigan developed feelings of love, Ms Tan always saw the relationship as a friendship.

In September 2020, the problem started after Ms Tan only considered Mr Kawshigan a friend, whereas he regarded her to be his “closest friend”.

Mr Kawshigan wanted to sue her for emotional trauma but decided to put off taking legal action after Ms Tan agreed to attend counselling sessions with him.

During the process, Ms Tan told the man that she felt “genuine discomfort”. Mr Kawshigan didn’t take it well, he said that Ms Tan could either comply with his demands or suffer “irrevocable” damage to her personal and professional life.

The counselling went on for over one and a half years and Mr Kawshigan still could not accept that Ms Tan did not want to be in a relationship with him.

After she cut off contact with him, he filed two lawsuits against her- a $3 million High Court claim for allegedly causing “damage to his stellar reputation” and “trauma, depression and impacts” to his life, as well as a $22,000 magistrate’s court claim for allegedly breaching an agreement to improve their relationship, Strait Times report said.

The $3 million High Court claim is fixed for a pre-trial hearing on Feb 9.

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