Thailand Bar Bans People Aged Over 30 Who Are “Not Trendy Enough”

The club allows people born after 1991.

Most people are denied alcohol if they are under the prescribed age-limit set by different nations. It is a common practice worldwide. Such laws are mostly imposed so that it does not have a negative impact on the brains of the adolescents, who are still maturing. However, in a weird fashion, a bar banned people above the age of 30. The reason for the same will blow your mind.

This ‘exclusive’ bar drew a lot of flak from customers after they did not allow people aged above 30 to enter the premises for “not being trendy enough.” Zync Rangsit is located in Pathum Thani province on the outskirts of Thailand’s capital Bangkok. A person claimed that the guards denied him entry after they checked his ID proof which mentioned that he was 36-years-old. He was left devastated and left the venue.

The video of the incident has been released by Viral Press and distributed by AP.

The customer stated that before the ‘no oldies’ policy was implemented, he was able to visit the club once a month. During his recent visit, he was told that ‘only students or customers born after 1991’ were permitted inside.

In another amusing instance, reported by Newsweek, two women in the United States were turned away from a bar because they were not 30-years-old. Melody Bar and Grill, located in Los Angeles, California, had a policy to admit people who are aged 30 or older. This policy was only applicable on certain days. However, California law states that people must be at least 21-years-old to enter a bar.

According to the owner of the bar, the policy was implemented because there had previously been issues with younger people getting into fights with others, regular customers and security.

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