Tourists Left Hanging Upside Down On Broken Ride In Chinese Amusement Park

The tourists at the park were left hanging upside down after the giant pendulum ride broke down.

Amusement parks are fun spaces where people enjoy and seek thrill. But for some, the idea of riding and descending a fast-moving, whirling track might be terrifying. The rides at these parks are known for turning one’s stomach into a pulp and for producing crazy accelerations and G-forces. However, the feeling can become worse if one gets to know that their ride is stuck mid-air. The scream of excitement and exhilaration suddenly becomes a scream for the fear of life. 

Recently, a group of visitors at an amusement park in Fuyang city, in Anhui province of China, experienced a different kind of scare – one in which the giant pendulum ride was motionless for around 10 minutes. 

The tourists at the park were left hanging upside down after the giant pendulum ride broke down on January 19. As seen in the video, the ride suffered a mechanical failure and was stuck while it was at its highest point.

The video of the incident has been released by Viral Press and distributed by AP.

Workers and staff present at this Chinese amusement park tried to fix the giant pendulum ride but were unsuccessful. They were unable to restart the control panel. After several attempts, the officials decided to manually fix the ride by climbing up the poles on the ride.

Officials from the park said that the swing suffered the issue because it exceeded the weight limit with the number of people on it. 

Fortunately, the officials managed to fix the ride and got it moving within 10 minutes. The amusement park officials also issued refunds to the affected tourists and offered help with medical expenses for the trauma caused due to the ride failure. 

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