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The Coolpad Note 6 is the successor to a year ago’s Coolpad Note 5, which was about plan and great presentation. We checked on the Coolpad Note 5 and observed it to be a standout amongst other looking cell phones in its value section. Tragically, this isn’t the situation with the Coolpad Note 6. I utilized the telephone for a week and can state that I didn’t discover any wow factor about the plan of the Note 6. Or maybe it is a telephone that you can call exhausting. 
The “exhausting” part is not really an issue with the telephone. Not at all like the Note 5 that was pitched to purchasers as a smooth and attractive telephone, the feature highlight of the Note 6 is its selfie cameras. Truly, there are two front cameras in this Coolpad telephone. In any case, while that sounds awesome on paper, in real utilize it isn’t so much that amazing. Truth be told, in real utilize, the entire Note 6 isn’t too great. 
Turn away. It’s an exhausting telephone, regardless of whether so are the majority of alternate telephones in this value section. As said before, the Note 6 has a fundamental outline. From the front, the Note 6 resembles those old Samsung Galaxy J-arrangement models. From the back, the Note 6 appears to be unique, yet ordinary. It incorporates a solitary camera setup on the back and a LED streak set at the extraordinary left corner. It’s an all-plastic telephone yet just to add some style to the gadget, Coolpad has sliced through the plastic in an abnormal example around the camera module. It looked odd to me, however this involves taste. In the event that the camera execution is fine, this is not really an issue. 
For Note 6, Coolpad doesn’t take after the present business incline. While most cell phones nowadays accompany 18:9 presentation and have insignificant bezels around the screen, Coolpad Note 6 utilizes the customary 16:9 showcase, joined by thick bezels. 
It’s not all fate and agony however. The Note 6 is to a great degree durable and lightweight. Following multi week of utilizing the telephone, I get the feeling that this telephone is sufficiently durable to get destroyed or two. 
On the front, the Coolpad Note 6 accompanies a unique mark sensor that sits directly underneath the presentation. All telephones accessible at this value point accompany a unique finger impression sensor and the majority of them are equipped for perceiving the finger contact extremely well. Lamentably not Coolpad Note 6. The unique finger impression sensor in this telephone misread a considerable measure of times for me and most events I needed to enter the password to open the telephone. 
I was additionally not extremely OK with the position of the unique mark sensor. Beside the unique mark sensor are the route keys that are not illuminated, which is again an issue. On the best bezel, the Coolpad Note 6 incorporates two selfie cameras, LED blaze, earpiece and warning light. 
The outline of the Coolpad Note 6 is exhausting. Shouldn’t something be said about the presentation? Is it adequate? Reply: It is just about nice. There’s nothing extraordinary about the Coolpad Note 6 show. There are different telephones in the market at a similar value point which accompany much better and lively shows contrasted with the one in the Coolpad Note 6. 
The cell phone utilizes a 5.5-inch FullHD show with a goals of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Over the showcase, the Coolpad Note 6 incorporates a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is to shield the telephone from scratches and other outer damages.Coolpad ought to have invested additional exertion in the presentation, given that it is so essential to the general client encounter. The screen on this telephone indicates dull hues. Be that as it may, there is a significantly greater issue. I found that the splendor level of the showcase insufficient. It was extremely hard to utilize the telephone under brilliant daylight. I could scarcely observe the screen despite the fact that the brilliance level was on greatest. 
Outside more often than not I needed to keep the splendor level to max, which likewise expended a considerable measure of battery. Inside it is fairly better, yet even here in the event that you need to watch a video or check your companion’s Instagram pictures, you should slide the splendor slider to right. 
The telephone has genuinely great review points however the splendor issues mean viewing YouTube recordings isn’t that incredible. The touch reaction, for a change, is smooth and I didn’t confront any screen or contact slack while utilizing the telephone. 
The front camera first: Interestingly, the Coolpad Note 6, not at all like different telephones at this value point, accompanies double selfie cameras. The Note 6 accompanies a 8-megapixel essential camera and a 5-megapixel auxiliary sensor, which can catch 120-degree wide-point selfies. That is a helpful element to click gather selfies. There’s likewise an extra fill-light component to enable you to catch better pictures in low-light situations.While the highlights sound extraordinary, the real execution doesn’t coordinate the discussion. I would say, all the selfies clicked with the Coolpad Note 6 seemed grainy and needed points of interest. What’s more, this was with both selfie camera – the fundamental one and the wide edge one. Indeed, even in great lights, the selfie cameras were disillusioned. 
Both the cameras likewise set aside a considerable measure of opportunity to center around the protest. The photos they click need points of interest, as well as hues. They watch washed out, and at times have white equalization issues. The Beauty Mode, which smoothens the skin and makes it look unnaturally more youthful, functions admirably enough if that is something you are into.

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